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Combie Reservoir is the primary storage facility for the Lake of the Pines water treatment plant (serving 1,999 connections) and a secondary storage facility for the North Auburn Water Treatment Plant (serving 2,269 connections). Combie Reservoir is also a hydroelectric facility with the generating capacity of 1.67 Mw. NID owns and operates Combie Reservoir. NID owns in fee title to the 1,605-foot elevation around Combie Reservoir with the exception of a few properties in Placer County in which NID owns an additional 100-feet above the 1,605-foot elevation.


These are the links to the NID forecasted and measure lake levels.  These are subject to change due to projects, weather, or water demand.   


To apply for a dock encroachment permit, which is required for all docks on Lake Combie, please fill out the dock encroachment permit application and submit to NID.   Other NID regulations that apply to dock encroachments (including insurance requirements) are included in the second link.

History of NID

NID has a rich history dating back to 1921.  Take a look at this comprehensive document of NID's journey ( 50 pages so be patient as it loads).

Hydroelectric Power generated by Lake Combie

Lake Combie has 2 power plants.  Recent power generation can be found at the NID website.  Here is an example

Sediment Removal Project (2018/2019)

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Dredging operations in Combie Reservoir were halted in 2003 as a result of mercury levels found in dredge effluents, affecting NID’s efforts to maintain reservoir storage capacity and operations.  Because of mercury contamination, there was a need to develop an innovative approach for sediment removal from reservoirs impacted by mercury.  NID began removal of accumulated sediment in 2018 under a Department of Water Resources grant, using both removal in the dry and removal in the wet methods. On-going reservoir maintenance of sediment removal is needed to maintain reservoir capacity. The project was operated under a water quality permit that requires monitoring to ensure that no water quality standards are being violated at any time in the process. In Fall 2018,  a dry excavation project removed 40,000 cu/yds of sediment and in Summer 2019, a dredge removed another 10,000 cu/yds.  The dry method proved much more cost effective.

NID created reports and videos documenting the project progress and results. Please refer to the following for information and a detailed description of the project.

Infrustructure Updates

The Van Giesen Dam that created Lake Combie undergoes continuance maintenance.   Take a look at projects planned and underway.


This Combie Reservoir Shoreline Management Plan (SMP), published in 2006, contains administrative actions, activities and improvements to be undertaken by the Nevada Irrigation District (NID), the Lake Combie Association (LCA), local governments and other involved parties in a cooperative effort to sustain and enhance the current and future water quality, recreation, and environmental resources of Combie Reservoir.

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