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The annual dues for Lake Combie Association for the 2021 year are $75.00. 
If we have your email address you will receive an invoice to pay. If you have not received the invoice, or if you prefer, you can pay electronically using the “Pay Now” button below.  By pressing this button, you will be navigated to a secured PayPal page for the payment of your dues.  It is not necessary for you to have, or open, a PayPal account.  You can make this payment with either a debit or credit card.


Regular membership shall be limited to owners of Lake Combie-area residential property. ("Lake Combie area" is defined as properties that are adjacent to or have deeded access to the Nevada Irrigation District's Lake Combie shoreline.) There shall be no more than one membership per family, corporation or other entity regardless of the number of parcels owned. There shall be one vote per Regular membership.


Associate membership shall be for those who wish to support the association but who are not property owners of the Lake Combie area, as defined under "Regular Member." Associate members shall not have a vote.


Those whose current-year dues have been paid in full within 45 days of the annual general membership meeting or by August 31, whichever is later, or at the time in the current year that they first become members.


Those who held membership, either Regular or Associate, but whose current-year dues are not paid in full within 45 days of the annual general membership meeting or by August 31, whichever is later. Reinstatement to previous membership status occurs when current-year dues are paid in full.


To become a new member, either Regular or Associate,  please fill out the Membership application form attached and return it to  Once we receive the form,  we will put you in our system and send you an invoice. Please note membership does not grant lake access. 

Download a membership application here

If you have any questions, please provide your name and email and we will get back with you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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