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Construction begins on Van Giesen Dam

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Uncontrolled flow of Bear River (all upstream reservoirs full)  after a series of storms - Jan 12, 2023.  

Combie Wildlife (not referring to those in boats or on docks)


California Mule Deer, Skunk, Grey Fox, Racoon, River Otter, Beaver, Muskrat, Opossum, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Black Bear (some winters), and American Mink (rarely seen).



Fish most caught:  Bluegill, Largemouth Bass (largest caught 7lbs 11oz in the 90’s), Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Squawfish (Sacramento Pikeminnow)

Less common but historically caught: Crappie, Brown Trout, Bullhead Catfish

Very Rare but blooms of 1000’s of Freshwater jellyfish have occurred near the dam in the fall.


Freshwater jellyfish - Craspedacusta sowerbyi about the size of a nickel.

Other things you might see in the lake: Red Swamp Crayfish, Northwestern Pond Turtle, American Bullfrog (definitely can hear them)



          Canadian Geese                                                    Great Blue Heron                                          Great White Egret                       








                    Snowy Egret                                              American Bittern                                              Belted Kingfisher








                                                                                 Double-crested Cormorant

Resident ducks:






                            Mallards                                              Common Mergansers                                                Wood Ducks








                                                                 Bufflehead                                       American Coot

Coots can show up in flocks in the winter and Bald Eagles feed on them!  Other ducks will pass through in the winter, like green winged teal and widgeons.










Flying above - Turkey Vultures, Red Tailed Hawk, Osprey, and the occasional Bald Eagle.

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