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Updates from recent meetings, lost & found, and more

Key Dates for 2024: 

Lake Cleanup - Sat. May 18th 10AM-2PM  (haul out at Volley Circle ramp up in Wooly Cove)

Annual LCA Meeting and Picnic  -  Sat. June 29  6PM

               When: Saturday June 29th – 6:00 PM at Ross and Kim Schibler’s Home

               Where: 13209 Robles Drive at the far end of the Big Cove on the Nevada County Side.

               Activities:  Pickleball and Cornhole Tournaments

               Guest speaker: Greg Jones,  NID Assistant General Manager

               Please bring a chair if y0u have one.  Potluck desert or side if you like.  

               LCA and Suburban Propane will provide burgers, chips, and drinks.

Rod and Gun Club Bass Tournament Schedule:

Sat. March 19   9-3

Sat. April 20   7-1

Sat. May 18   5:30-11:30

Sat. June 22   5:30-11:30

Sat. July 20   5:30-11:30

Sat. August 24   6-noon

2024 LAKE COMBIE PG&E Project and lake level impact

June 1, 2024

You may have heard PG&E will be repairing a canal this summer that is expected to have a significant impact on NID’s water capacity.  As a result, NID may need to use water held in Rollins and Scott’s Flat to make up the deficit.  Both of these reservoirs are expected to experience very low water levels early this summer.  Fortunately for Lake Combie, the problems with the PG&E canal are not expected to impact Lake Combie water levels.  Of course plans can change, but it is great to have a plan in place the keeps Combie at normal summer water levels.


June 26, 2022

Thanks to all that were able to attend and our hosts Cindy and Gary Lorensen.  Suburban Propane graciously provided the main course.   Key topics covered: Member Concerns, NID Projects, Safety Matters, Wake Management, Board Member Approval, Projected Lake Level.  



Oct 19, 2022

Some quick notes on Lake level through December.


Oct 19 we have a level of 1593’ (about 6 feet down from summer levels).  As communicated in our last newsletter, the lake has stabilized or even rebound a bit.  Quite a bit of water came in Oct 14th from Wooley Creek as a result of PCWA clearing the canal that runs near Meadow Vista.  The current stable water level will likely not last long.   If the weather holds and NID plans hold, the lake is expected to drop about 9 additional feet to accommodate an NID maintenance project that requires access to the bottom portion of the dam in November.  So it could be extremely low until the project completes which is estimated to be mid-late November.  It will come back up after the project completes and/or rains come. 

IMG_5311 2.jpg



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